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Welcome to the ACTAA Membership Information Page.

If you have questions, please email the webmaster.

If you already have membership established just go log on with your established user name and password and renew your membership! Please update your information on your existing application.

If you are new, read below and go to the NEW Members Application Link in the left hand column under MEMBERSHIP.

Please read this page before you apply for your ACTAA Membership.

1. Institutional Membership applications have a different if you are part of an institutional membership read below concerning the membership process.

Institutional Membership Level I and Level II

Please note that there must be a person (the administrator) in charge of the membership.

The person who is designated the administrator must sign up first before any other institutional members can be added.

NOTE: The person who signs up first for membership becomes the administrator of the institutional membership. Once the institutional membership is activated it is the responsibility of the institututional administrator to sign up the members in that institution.

The administrator must log on first with the "administrators" email and password to sign in the members of your institution.

Or, the administrator can give their members his/her email address/password to submit an application. To submit an application, the member must log on with the administrators email/password first.

Once a member submits their application through the administrator, he/she will set up their own password and can enter the site that way from that point on.

Then everyone in that institutional membership can register for ACTAA events.

Example: I, M Melekian, am the Administrator of the Institutional Membership that is held by Special College. I will sign up for ACTAA membership by checking the box for the level of Institutional Membership we need. Once I have completed my application and added my user name and password...only then can I add the other members from my college/institution by logging on to the site and getting to our institution page. I can either share my user/password with them or I can sign them up myself. Each member in the institution will establish their own user/password and then be able to access locked parts of the site. It will also allow those members to register for Fall Conference and other events.

To be a member, each person must fill out the membership form! If you do not, you are not considered a member.

New, student, regular, and Lifetime Membership Process

1. Go to the link below and fill in the application for membership.

2. Once you have filled out your membership form, submit and wait for a reply. Once you have received a reply that your membership is officially activated you can then apply for Fall Conference.

Payment is either made by check or to our pay pal account. Follow the appropriate links to payment information.

ACTAA:  Arkansas Communication and Theatre Arts Association is a non-profit professional organization serving educators of Oral Communication, Debate, Forensics, Theatre Arts, and Dance in Arkansas.

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